Thursday, March 17, 2011

2nd day with self nap & yesterday's haircut

For the second day in a row, Carolina has basically told me that she wants to put herself to sleep for her nap -- just like she does at night. Yeah! So we're back to her doing it herself, which is more than alright with me.

Yesterday, I took Carolina into the city for a haircut. Her first official, total head haircut. It went really, really well. They had a seat that was basically a cooper mini car she sat in and could 'drive' while watching Dora on the TV, and then there were bubbles.

They gave her a balloon and certificate with a lock of hair at the end. I even bought her a Chatter Telephone from Fisher Price that I've been meaning to get.

All in all it was worth the extra cost to keep her smiling and with a lovely new 'do. Importantly, her hair is now all less crazy looking than before. Phew!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just when I think it's forever, it's going to change soon (again)

Just as I get really comfortable with always buying diapers and forgetting that she won't need them -- even though we have conversations about her going to potty train one day -- I finally realized she's going to be out of diapers sooner than I imagined.

I'm not going to get ahead of myself, and honestly I'm not really looking forward to it. I just know that she's starting to show signs of 'being ready' to start potty training. She tells me that she has to poop, sometimes. She shows me the ASL sign for changing diaper when she wants her diaper changed, even if it's a lot of pee. And I'm just impressed that this is happening, by her own momentum, at all.

Since we'll be away for 6 weeks, I've zero intention of starting to train her while not at home. But there is a potty at Abuela's house and maybe, if she shows interest and wakes up with a dry diaper, I'll start to put her on it and read her a book to see if she pees in there.

So far my entire knowledge about potty training is what few things my mom told me last week and something a friend told me last year.

As you all probably know, I can get too caught up in something if I get anxious. So, I'll get the potty training book from the library when we get home and listen to advice from other mothers while we are away. I'm certain there will be sufficient advice and tips that I may not even need a book. It really will depend on how my little munchkin takes to it and how ready she is when we get started.

Funnily enough, of all the things about being a new mom I never minded was changing diapers. I'd get tired of it some days and some poops were good enough to make me want to pass out, but honestly it was fine. I've always viewed it as a daily reminder(s) that she's healthy and everything is working -- or not.

Ok poop-tastic chat over!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A mini spa morning

Sometimes in order to distract her from wanting to watch TV and it's not nice enough to go outside, we have mini spa morning. We sit on the bed and I take off her socks. We take turns putting lotion on our feet and then using the nail file to file our Naipaul our hands. Sometimes she will take the nail fileand try to do her toes, too. It's very cute. Especially if I say "Wanna have a mini spa treatment on your feet? Lotion on your feet?" And she gets very excited and runs into my room and asks "Down? Down" which means she wants to get up on the bed and sit down.

Very sweet

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two cute things from today

First, we were listening to music from iTunes on this computer and after each song Carolina would clap and say "bravo! bravo!". Really, she did.

Then tonight when I was holding her and humming so she'd relax. Wait, let me back up a minute. She woke up at 5am and then 6am, and has been teething a lot because a front canine and a back "2 year molar" are coming in at the same time. She's been very uncomfortable and sleeping through the night has been harder than usual. She napped for 3 hours today and then I woke her up -- she wasn't happy with me about that.

So I held her and hummed for longer than usual, to help her relax and maybe bang her head less. Well, after about 10 minutes she noticed I had my eyes open so she waved goodbye to me. I nodded, picked her up, brought her to the crib and kissed her. As I am putting her down into the crib she puts Elmo towards me, and I kiss him good night too. She seemed satisfied that I kissed them both good night.

Super, super cute!

And man, she's really talking more and more. More words, more sentences and I just can't wait to understand all of it. I also can't wait for all these teeth to come in. She seems to be really tortured by it, more than usual. I've seriously considered putting alcohol on her gums but I know that just gets her drunk and doesn't actually soothe the pain. I'm still mulling it over, depends on how badly this crying out at night gets.