Friday, September 27, 2013

Bath time

Whoever suggested giving more than one child a bath at the same time was either sinister, mad, or didn't have enough time to do them one at a time. (We're talking toddler age and older. Not babies, I mean.)

Giving the baby a bath AND THEN letting Carolina take a shower is MUCH easier. Twice as long but MUCH easier. 

And then, whoever said it was much easier has never had to coach Carolina from outside the shower's sliding door.  It basically amounts to a waste of baby shampoo/body wash, water and time. It's the epitome of inefficient bathing. 

And still. Still. It's more pleasant than a dual bath. 


Monday, September 23, 2013

Hair color

Carolina said to me, "Mommy! Look at your hair!"
I said, "I know, I have to dye it. It's white all here."
She responded, "It's not white. It's a rainbow! Mommy! You have rainbow hair. It's so beautiful!"

Saturday, September 21, 2013

New words and fun at school

New words that the baby is now saying:

Buh/buk ("book")
Uh oh ("uh oh" or "oh no!")
Cook or cook-ah ("cookie")
Grrrowh (sound he makes when he sees any animal. All animals growl.)

He's finally taken to walking with me instead of having me carry him everywhere. We're still working on him playing by himself since he prefers to be near or on me all the time. 

He's had a cold and started waking up at night again. I thought it was for comfort, and it was, but he made it into a new habit. So we agreed to let him cry, no matter what, and he did. First it was on and off for over an hour (after midnight), and then a few minutes a few hours later. Then it was about 45 minutes (after 1am). Then it stopped. 

One bad habit broken at a time. 

And Carolina is really, truly enjoying going to school all day. She eats her lunch! She takes a nap! She tells me about her day! 

I've given her chicken nuggets (that I made), pasta with broccoli and carrots, meatballs, pancakes, fish and zucchini fritters. She's also had pizza. I'm just going to keep making her lunches of food I'd wish she'd eat for dinner. So dinner is lunch and vice versa. She gets so hungry at school that she doesn't mind eating. 

I don't give her a snack when she's in the car after school either, since it meant she ate nearly nothing for dinner. So dinner is now at 4pm. But she really eats. 

School schedule has helped me kill snacks. Whoo hoo!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

First (full day) of school: Pre-K

So happy and not worried at all!

First hair cut

To avoid "baby mullet", I trimmed his hair for the first time.