Monday, March 31, 2014

In translation

The baby's speech is getting clearer and clearer, but there are some things that he likes that he uses other words or phrases to tell us what he wants.

"Achoo" means he wants to watch Frosty the Snowman
Clapping his hands, when we're reading, means he wants to read the issue of Babybug magazine where they have a song about Clapping Your Hands.
"Happy" either means he wants to listen to the song "Happy" (Pharrell Williams) or sing Happy Birthday.
"Eh-mo" means he wants to watch Sesame Street.
"Cookie" while we're changing his diaper means he wants a diaper with Cookie Monster on it to either look at or put on. (If he says this any other time, he just wants a cookie. That's pretty much all the time.)
"Beh-beh" means he wants to go to bed or sit in a bed.
"Babies", means he wants to play with other kids. Usually in the building's playroom or at the "pak" (park). It can also mean he wants to go to his music class with the other kids, or as I tell him, "music with the babies".
"Choo choo" -- still means anything to do with Thomas or a train, or both if there's more than one option for train-related things.
"Kidz" means he wants to watch a DVD that has songs for kids and shows videos of children playing outside and singing along.

In other news, Carolina has been having a tough time in school. She's been stressed all weekend. Homework in particular threw her into a tizzy since Mrs. Robins was going to have to check it when she went to school this morning. Apparently "mistakes aren't nice", so we had a meltdown at a restaurant on Saturday since she made a mistake while drawing with crayons at the table and she was worried that she made a mistake. I had to explain that mistakes are fine in our house, and I'm in charge at home, not her teachers. I don't know what they told her at school, but good lord it made for a stressful weekend at times for us at home.

I told her I'd look for a painting class for her after school once a week since she needs a break and loves to draw.