Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Baby talk and Up Up Up

For the first time, baby said "Hello" three days ago in response to my saying "Hello" to him. Granted it was more of a "heehwooo" but it's close enough.

Since then he's been trying to say "How are you" and what sounds like a million other things -- all at once. Throughout the day he will have talking spells when he just really makes an effort to talk. He's particularly interested in talking to Carolina and getting her to talk back.

This afternoon we were at the German butcher shop and the check out lady, a very dear, older German woman, started to smile and talk to Ismaelito. When she said, "Hello." He immediately smiled and said, "Hehwooo! Hehwoah!" She then smiled more broadly and exclaimed, "He just said Hello!"

So now other people can tell, too. This is so much fun!

Last night, during bath time, I put Carolina in first and then he brother. Usually he'll lie back and kick his legs a bit. Since he's started to be able to lift himself up, we've been practicing. I hold his arms gingerly, say, "Up. Up. Up." and he pulls himself up. So in the bath he insisted on sitting up to be able to see and talk to Carolina. When I tried to lie him back, thinking he wanted to "swim" like usual, he fussed until I sat him back up. Awesome!

Also, this past weekend we took Carolina to her first ice cream parlour. We went to Bishoff's in Teaneck. I let her choose from Bishoff's and Baumgart's. She chose Bishoff's because of the photos of ice cream online. It wasn't too busy, so it worked out really well. She LOVED it. She had chocolate ice cream, marshmallow topping with rainbow sprinkles.

It was a big, family adventure and those of us who are lactose intolerant were suffering, gladly, afterwards. :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Moving makes things hectic

We just moved to New Jersey last week. I've been so busy with the kids I haven't had enough time to make notes about what's happening.

Carolina started a new school and loves it. Phew. The baby is growing apace and is about 13lbs now. As his reflux seems to have gotten a little worse, and I'm pretty sure it's due to my eating foods I like instead of only safe foods and he's teething. So my back has been killing me with carrying him around almost constantly and unpacking seems to be taking a LONG time.

Carolina is clearly jealous of this and wants to be held, too. I don't blame her. It's truly short amounts of time that I spend with just her. But she still loves "her baby" a LOT and at least has school to make her own.

She was really helpful while we were packing. She helped with her scissors to cut the tape and we asked her to draw on whatever boxes she wanted. She also put stickers on the boxes.

All the boxes made her anxious. The idea of a new house was something she liked and didn't understand at the same time.  It wasn't until the day before when she saw the apartment and her new room that she seemed to feel better about it. And she has adjusted to her new room very well. I'm actually very surprised at how quickly she's adjusted.

We had to lose her blackout shades as they have vertical blinds in every room. But even with the extra light at naptime, she naps well. It was actually the baby who seemed unsure about all the changes. I had him in my arms or sleeping on me pretty much all week. The first 2-3 days he seemed nervous.

So my anxious kid was okay and my calm kid was nervous. Go figure.

Getting used to driving everywhere and taking the kids in the car to do shopping is a BIG change.

I've already learned that I can only go to 1-2 stores with them. Poor baby doesn't get much sleep with all the going in and out of the car.

Speaking of sleep, he slept for nearly 8 hours last night. So I got 5 hours of sleep. He then was up from 4am until a little after 5am. He was trying to fall back to sleep but was too wormy. It was a poop that was bothering him and didn't get relief from until a few hours later.

I could go on and want to but I'm tired. Really tired. And my back hurts. I just want to lie down. So, well, good night!