Monday, November 29, 2010


Another mimic thing she's started to do is pick up something and say, "La-loh" for Hello when you answer the phone. Or how *I* answer the phone.

She will pick up a block, book, shoe or just use her hand and say "La-loh. bek itka la dee dah" because she's mimicking having a phone conversation. It is awesome!

The mimic continues

Today while at the park, little Miss C was running around. While she was running a mother started yelling in Romanian at her son, who was across the park from where we were, which was near where this mother was. The mother started to yell louder and cupped her hands around her mouth. Carolina stopped running and put her hands around her mouth and started yelling too.

I was glad the mother didn't notice Carolina yelling in case she'd think Carolina was yelling at her. It was funny nonetheless!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

She understands it's Elmo

During lunch today I called my mom for a brief chat and had her on speaker so Miss C could say hi to "ga-mah".

My mom was talking to her and then asked, "Do you know who is here? Do you know who is here with me? It's the little red guy."

I had zero idea who the little red guy was since I knew it wasn't Clifford. So as I'm thinking to myself about who it could be, Carolina says, "El-moh" and then smiled.

I was shocked. Not only did she know my mom meant Elmo but she said it!

Now, she's been saying Elmo for many weeks but it was the comprehension and ability to answer that struck me. I was impressed. I'm sure this is pretty normal for a nearly 18-month old but I'm still impressed.

Also, as of yesterday she's taken to picking up a phone (real or her musical cellphone) and saying "Hellooo". Very similar to the way I answer the phone.

Very funny and very cool.

Life and communication in our house is about to change in a big way.

Very cool indeed.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New words this week

This morning it was "ya-low" and "pu-pul" for yellow and purple. She said "anandano" for arandanos (blueberries in Spanish) just once this past weekend.

Very cool indeed.

I really liked that purple was said entirely on her own when I grabbed her purple jacket from the closet and she just pointed and said it. Neat!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Toddlers don't have a chance against Zombies

I've thought about this for a long while now and figured I'd write it down. I'm sure most people, let alone parents will think I'm nuts but here goes...

The reason you never see toddlers in zombie movies is because:
  • They always start having a tantrum at the worst possible time to make any noise
  • They talk almost constantly when awake
  • They nap at the least convenient time for escaping
  • They need to eat a lot but only when they want, and are so picky they'd just end up starving while on the run
  • They start talking to strangers or screaming when one approaches. Either way, their little feet aren't quick enough to escape zombies.
So, the reason is, they'd never make it.

I mean, in a zombie chase do you think the single, adult male would have a better chance of escaping or the toddler who might try to make friends and/or just a lot of noise to attract the hive.

I think my toddler might survive, if I start to spike her milk AND have a constant rotation of Dora videos on hand. And a chupon (pacifier).  And blueberries. But still, the making noise thing at the wrong time would totally come up.

There ends my thoughts on toddlers and zombies.

Really, don't ask why. 

Back to reality, Miss C has been enjoying cupcakes and has been a very good girl the past few days. She's mostly good but the past 3-4 days has been a long streak. I think as long as we can go outside to the park or a playgroup at the local library (which I refer to as "baby chaos at the library"), things are better. That, and my willingness to give her what she wants to eat. Really, my willingness to figure out what she wants to eat. I wish she could tell me more, that would help. I think.

PS I've been reading Trevor Corson's Secret Life of Lobsters. I like it but I really liked The Story of Sushi much better. Mostly because I don't care much about Lobsters but it's still a good read. I'm nearly done and can't wait to start the next book in my pile which is Through the Language Glass. Truly I should be working on my DM course syllabus, but I haven't. Bad, me.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Dora, for real

For the first time, and only once, little Miss C said "Dora". Clear as day.

She was watching an episode of Umizoomi, and a Dora promo graphic came on. I was looking at her, not the tv, and noticed a suddenly huge smile on her face. She turns to look at me and says "Dora". And then goes quiet.

Not Doda or DooDoo, but Dora. Wouldn't say it again but it was a sweet little voice.

I've since realized that DooDoo or sometimes Choo is for the Chupon.

One day, relatively soon, she will start talking and I'm certain that I'll be thinking of "how can I get her to keep quiet" but right now it's AWESOME!!

And the poor thing is sick again. Another visit to the pediatrician and we find out she's got either a new viral infection (hence all the ear pulling and trouble taking a nap) or it's the same one from two weeks ago and the antibiotics didn't kick it.

No new drugs. Just fluid and rest.

Ha. Rest.