Thursday, November 13, 2014

2.5 year check and colds

So they're both sick. Carolina has bronchitis and a stomach bug while Mel has a stomach bug and nasal congestion. (Mommy gets to take stool samples to a lab and everything!)

So much for coming back from vacation!

Here are their measurements after Mel's 2.5 year checkup:

Carolina:  34lbs and 42"
Mel: 26.5lbs and 36"

Monday, November 10, 2014

Our trip to Vallarta, a glossary

From Mel's mouth:

Tía Gaby = Andres
Scarecrow = headlights at night
Apple Juice = ocean waves

Where chupon? Popped? Up in da sky? With da family? Mouse took it? (Last one was Carolina's suggestion that he adopted.)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Theories on where the chupon went

Mel's ideas:
"Pop. Up in the sky?"
"Went with the family"

Carolina's idea:
"A mouse took it into its hole". 

Mel's comment about Carolina's idea:
"Mouse took ina hole? With the family?"

Yup. I found it. But it's gone now. So far minimal crying. And just went to bed. Wasn't upset after nap. 

So, it's over!

Chupon no Más?

We're at the hotel on vacation, and we may have just given up the chupon by accident. I can't find it. For real. He accepts it "popped. Went up in the sky." Like a balloon. And is willing to take his nap anyway. So...

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Naps on vacation

When we travel, I have one requirement: my kid naps. I don't mean we're out and about and here's a stroller, good luck. I mean, here's a crib or bed, here's your blanket, see you in two hours kind of nap. Bedtime is a little more flexible, but not naptime. 

When we travel, I'm faced very strongly with quiet opposition and polite questioning as to why I insist. Why I'm not more flexible. Why I'm different. Why I'm overprotective. 

I'll tell you why, because today, instead of me hoping Mel falls asleep, eventually, at the beach, I brought him up to the room. He objected, yes. But after a bath to get off the sand, and before I finished reading the third (very short) story, he fell asleep. He never does this at home. 

He is tired. 
He NEEDS a nap. 
He is happier after a nap. 
I will not budge. 

Because, I know that when a kid is tired, he/she needs sleep. Not like it's a nice idea, but a need. And when naps are no more. When he's "too old for a nap", then we can drag him around the world with us. All day long. For the rest of his life with us. 

Naps are only the first handful (or less) of years. It's when they grow, when their brains develop, when language jumps happen. Sleep makes a quickly developing body function healthily. 

But really, I only ask one other person to agree with me: my husband. He's come around. So, good. 

(But why do I feel like an outcast? Why do I want others to accept my choice? I don't know. I only know I'm actually right with this.)