Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Things they say

There are some new things that the baby says that are cute or funny. So here's a small sample:

Bappos (Zapatos, "shoes" in Spanish)
Banket (Blanket)
Dow (Ciao, "bye" in Italian)
Ahket (Jacket)
Poon (Spoon)
Cookie (Cookie)
Cookie (Anything he wants to eat that is tasty to him, not necessarily a cookie.)
Ah-dos (Adios, "good bye" in Spanish)
Olah (Hola, "hello" in Spanish)
Punkin (Pumpkin)

And here's a little story I got from Carolina the other day in the car on the way home from school:
"Carolina, I just saw Joseph and his mommy."
"Big Jofus or little Jofus?"
"I think it was big Joseph."
"Big Jofus and little Jofus are friends. Big Jofus hugged little Jofus and he laughed."
"Do you like big Joseph?"
"No he's only friends with little Jofus."
"Ok. Do you like little Joseph?"
"Yes, he's so cute. He's little."
"You know his name is 'Joe-suf' not 'Jo-fus'."
"I know that."
"Can you say 'Joe-suf'?"
"I did. That's his name. Jofus."

I love it.