Thursday, May 29, 2014

This week's news

Mel's longest conversation just happened yesterday with his papa:

"Don't tickle me! Tickle Carolina" but it sounded more like "Dohn tih-kle me! Tih-kel Keena!"

He's become much more talkative by putting more and more words together to make sentences. It's like he turned two and a few days later woke up and just starting speaking in short sentences!

In other news, he's getting over a bad sinus infection, the antibiotics worked a charm. And Carolina just finished with an odd virus that gave her a daily fever but no other symptoms. She's finally better today after missing a week of school.

The little man is a talker at night. He will be in there, as he is now, talking to (the ceiling maybe?) and laughing. Carolina is already asleep. Gratefully, she can ignore him. The only problem is *I* can't ignore him. He's so loud and is up for, sometimes, hours. I think I need to get him on a toddler treadmill so he wears himself out more before bedtime.

Finally, Mel's recent obsession is helicopters, or 'cop-pop-ters' as he calls them. He loves them. More than airplanes. The past weekend was Memorial Day weekend and the fleet was in for Fleet Week in NYC. Every day while they were here, there were between two and five copters flying over/across Fort Lee en route from NYC to somewhere west of here. He LOVED it. We'd started to be on 'helicopter watch' at the park every day and then this happened. It was like little boy christmas for him. So we bought him a Fisher Price helicopter. Man, does he love that thing.

Boys are so different than girls.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy birthday to our baby

A baby no longer.  

Does Mel like cookies?

   If you're wondering "Does Mel like cookies?", let me answer that with a description:

He heard me getting a chocolate chip cookie for his sister, and saw me walking toward the dinner table. He then, took his plate from his high-chair and pushed it to the main table. Used a napkin to clean his hands. Moved his Sippy cup to the main table. Took the food he was chewing OUT OF HIS MOUTH, and put it on the table. Then he started clapping when I reached the table. 

So, yes, he likes cookies. A little.