Thursday, December 16, 2010

She put herself to sleep at naptime

For many months, she's put herself to sleep at night. Not naptime. At least not with me. Any babysitter, my parents, ismael. They could but I didn't mind humming to her and holding her for a nap. I tried a bunch of times over the past year but she wasn't interested.

She was ready at 4 months and it was going great but that was the week of the ear piercing trauma and i lost it.

Today, twice (since she got up after 45 mins because of a poop), she basically told me to put her in the crib and leave. I was confused and frustrated at first she wouldn't just fall asleep since I knew she was tired. But now I'm proud.

Do I think this change is permanent? No. Will I try it everyday? Yes.

I keep wondering when she will be ready for a big bed. Clearly, like everything else, she will let me know. I know, though, that since I'm thinking this seriously that we are in the realm of possibility.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bye bye

Today included a lot of whining. I think it was teeth related but I couldn't be sure. Kraken didn't seem to make much difference and it wasn't urgent whining so mostly I ignored it and tried distraction when it subsided a little.

After a lot of crying and whining in the bathtub, I was mentally exhausted. I think she missed not seeing Papa tonight since he had an office party to attend. So I was pleased when she let me know she was ready for bed, before I even mentioned it.

As I put her down in the crib, she laid down with Elmo and Agee I put on the blanket and rubbed her back I started to walk towards the door as I always do. In that moment she said "Byee" very sweetly.

I desperately tried not to laugh since it was so cute. So I didn't say goodnight back or bye.

It made up for the previous hour's worth of whining.

Monday, December 13, 2010

This is really more fun than I imagined

This post-18 month milestone is really the start of fun times. The laughing, whining, definite preferences, ability to run, climb and walk very well. The sometimes nearly-constant babble chatter that I know will soon turn into full-blown conversations.

On the way up the stairs to our apartment tonight I was told, "Papa, mama, bye, ball, apple" in quick succession. These are probably her favorite words. Plus the occasional "Jee" and "ya-nah" and "Ga-ma" and "Lola" for good measure.

She knows who everyone is by name and follows simple commands.

I guess it's good that we are thinking about starting to try for #2. now, I didn't say we are trying. Just talking. I couldn't have imagined I'd have this conversation last December. Still in the midst of nearly no sleep and only starting solids plus breastfeeding at least every two hours for my snacker. Man it's great she can eat on her own now and tell me what she wants. I really love that.

My favorite two times of the day are when Carolina wakes up and Ismael comes home from work.

Even though I have a cold, and so does Carolina, we are nearly done. So much snot!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

On the way out the door, she decided to go to work, too!

This morning, while I was just finishing up taking a shower, Papa was putting on his coat and getting ready to leave for work. Miss Carolina gave him his usual kiss goodbye and started to give him a chorus of "Bye-bye" as well. I could hear her saying it, and getting closer and closer to the front door.

She had decided that she wanted to go with him, sans socks and shoes in a short sleeve t-shirt and leggings. She was EXTREMELY disappointed when he carried her back to me, and I stayed in the apartment with her while he left. She was even extra-crying for about 10 minutes.

Note: she's still running a fever from the shots yesterday and is more sensitive than usual.

I figured this must have been going on in her head:
Papa! I'm coming with you! I have a fever, I'm too hot for shoes or socks. Let's go. Quickly, before Mommy realizes we're leaving! I'll keep saying Bye-Bye, pretending its for you but it's really for Mommy. Pick me up! Go, go, go!!

It's too cold for the park, but the need to get outside is strong

As my little Jedi has the force with her, which is to say she needs NEEDS to run outside, I've been getting her warmly dressed and taking her outside without the stroller. She basically takes off like a bat out of hell down the sidewalk.

I actually have to run/walk quickly to keep up, and need to be there before she hits the corner. She somehow doesn't have the desire to run into the street (phew) but she'll take the corner and keep going if I don't keep up. She also will take off her gloves and push back her hood when she starts to get either too warm or bored or tired. I can't tell which it is. I just know that when she either slows down and/or starts to fidget with her outfit, it's time to pick her up and walk home.

Of course, while she's in mid-steam she takes a moment to say "Hi" and/or "Bye" to whoever we're passing on the sidewalk. Usually it's just a lot of "Bye" but some people get a "Hi" also.

Earlier this week, there was a woman walking with a stroller and two grade school children towards us -- they were very well bundled up. Carolina points towards the woman and says, "Papa!" I said, "No, that's not Papa. Papa is at work at the office in Manhattan." She then says, "LoLa!" (which is how she says Abuela) and I laughed and said, "No, Abuela is in Vallarta with Abuelo and Gaby." She says "Lolo?" (for Abuelo) The woman has by now walked past us, and I say, "No Abuelo is in Vallarta, too. They are all in Mexico. It is very far away from here and warm." Carolina then yells, "LoLAAAAAAA!"

I laughed very much. I wasn't sure if it was out of desperation to see Abuela or that she understood they were far away, and so she needed to yell so they could hear her. Either way, it was funny.

Of course it was followed up by me scooping her up, because it was cold, and taking her home. That was greeted by a lot of screaming and crying, because of course she wanted to run more even though she had already started walking slowly and clearly tired. Anyway....

After yesterday's checkup where she got a flu shot AND TB shot, she was VERY uncomfortable and had a fever of nearly 104 last night. It was great that Aunt Jee came for a visit to give her a great distraction! Today is better but not nearly all better. Hopefully tomorrow is!