Saturday, June 30, 2012

Carolina's first ballet class

Yesterday, was Carolina's first ballet class. She got all dressed up in her tutu, tights and ballet slippers. The class was for girls aged 6+ but Carolina is only 3. As it was just a trial class for her, it didn't matter she was the smallest, youngest and least experienced. She followed along very well and was surprisingly graceful for her age. During the class at one point, the girls were supposed to twitter around gracefully but they were all distracted and looked so. The strict and demanding teacher said, "Girls! Do you want to look like ballerinas or monkeys?" Carolina gets a look of excitement on her face and blurts out, "A monkey! I want to be a monkey!!"

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

3 years old: More inches than pounds

So our tiny dancer is still a dancer so it seems. She's barely put on much weight in the past year but has grown! 3' and 26lbs. I wonder how quickly her brother will lap her in weight. At least her fever is gone. The baby has acid reflux and we started him on the medication yesterday. I think the two times I gave it to him he spit it up. So today we gave it to him BEFORE he drank milk and so when he did spit up, the medicine was already in his belly. First in, last out. Spending literally hours at a time with a fussy baby is exhausting. And Carolina gets virtually no play time eith me. It's affecting her a lot. I'm hoping this will change soon. Gotta go, not sleeping baby is up again.

Friday, June 1, 2012

I want to write an update but I'm too busy

So besides the excessive whining and crying (big sister) and gas and spit up and crankiness (little brother), we still manage to get sleep at night in 1.5-3 hour intervals. We're doing MUCH better that way than our first time around.

The most difficult part of the day is lunchtime and dinner time as the big sister has decided this is battleground time and she will give me the most passive-aggressive look and tone and WILL NOT EAT. So I have, literally, two hands full with holding a baby that can't often be put down and/or feeding him while big sister should be eating. Even if I read to her, she is really pushing my buttons with this.

It would be a lot easier if I could put the baby down but much of the day I have to hold him. He cries the moment he gets put down and very often spits up.

I don't know that we're getting any better at burping him and he has an appointment for a specialist on Monday to see if he's got reflux. I don't think so since he's put on a pound and grew 2 inches since coming home from the hospital. (He's now 9lb & 22" long.) And reflux babies often aren't gaining weight. I've totally changed my diet, which was already lacking in dairy, and it doesn't seem to make much difference.

I think we need a spa day for some relaxation :)

Okay, gotta run