Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's a hot, busy summer so far: teething, potty issues, apartment closing, packing (again)

With the apartment closing, constantly looming but never coming, and keeping the kids busy, I've just realized I didn't put many updates recently.

The baby is talking more and more. I know I keep saying this but he's going on and starting to repeat words very clearly. It comes and goes, but it's fun. He's got 3 molars coming in at once. So he's been more cranky and uncomfortable than usual. And he's got this habit of putting his hand down his pants. He still hasn't pulled out any poop but he is letting his diaper get loose and leaking out at night. It's becoming a problem, so I'm looking for cheap short sleeve onesies to use instead of his short sleeve PJ shirts to discourage his new habit. His belly has been giving him trouble because of the teeth and he's grabbing at his ears a lot. He's also eating everything. Everything, everything. He's taken a small bite out of the TV stand, you know, the wood. Boxes, paper, tissues, foil, toys, plastic, literally anything he can put into his mouth. I will be well happy when he's done teething.

It's a very potty month, his sister has a new/old habit of not going to the bathroom in the morning. Actually, it's a control move and won't go to the bathroom at all unless it's about to fly out of her. She's had some emergency runs to the toilet at the pool, and once didn't quite make it.  She's giving me a hard time about eating her dinner, too. So we're back where we were when she was about 2 and it's no fun.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to bend significantly and just let her control things, because otherwise this isn't going to get better. It drives me up the wall that she sometimes yells "I have to go pee pee!" in the car. When we're no where near a toilet and we're more than 10 minutes from home. It's bad because her "warning" isn't for much in advance. It doesn't happen all that often but it has happened. It kills me since I have her sit down to at least try before we leave, but even that is getting major arguments. "I don't have to!" "There's nothing there!" (And then once she's sat down, about a second later you hear, "I don't hear anything!"). Holy christmas...

But it's been hot this past week. Last week rained a few days and was "cold" (about 75 degrees), and this week it's been in the high 90s and humid. I really don't like global warming.

We are finally going to close on the apartment this Friday, and we're only half in boxes. There will be a trip to Home Depot to get more boxes. (Man, I miss NYC and all the free boxes in the local neighborhood. Nothing like that here.) 

In between school and summer camp, there was a 2 week break. So we'd go do some fun thing every day, or at least try to. And those weeks it wasn't brutally hot. There was a day we went on the train at Van Saun Park. It was a fun morning.