Sunday, January 31, 2016

A couple of new words that are funny

Recently, Mel has started to refer to eyeballs specifically, but instead of calling them eyeBALLS he calls them "Eyebulbs". I've tried correcting him, but he clearly likes saying eyebulbs better. 

As an accidental joke he mispronounced Diana's name as "Dilana", he got a laugh and referred to her for a whole day as "Aunt Dilana" just to be funny. 

Now, napkin can be a little tricky to get your tongue around if you're not used to it. The other day, Mel was sitting so nicely in the morning circle at preschool that they teachers pointed him out to the other kids and said he could pass out the napkins. When he recounted the story to me during the car ride home, he kept telling me about "nak-pins". It was cute, and more importantly, he was proud of himself.