Thursday, February 16, 2012

Potty training, glucose tests and naps

We have gotten more serious about potty training. And by "we", I mean me, and by "serious", I mean that we spend a lot more time in the bathroom even though there is virtually no pee going into the potty.

I noticed on last Year's calendar that she was actually pering in the potty last July. I knew she wasn't ready but I could have pushed it. I wish now I had. She's still apprehensive about the potty. Being "nudie" isn't a problem. It's letting the pee actually go into the pot. And now I INSIST she is at least in the bathroom when she says her tummy hurts since I know a poop is coming. I don't force her to take off her diaper for that since she's too anxious and will just cry and fight me. It's not worth the struggle and stress.

We sit on it in the morning, before nap, after nap, and before bathtime. I should do it more often but nothing is happening and we can easily be in there for 20+ minutes. Totally boring. Even reading her a book or the comics. I end up peeing more than usual just because we are in there. And as my back has been killing me, hanging out in the bathroom is not fun for me. So if we are in there for 10 minutes, I call it quits and back on the diaper.

If we aren't going outside, I've started to let her wear the training undies. She doesn't like them so if that doesn't work, nudie it is!

I know pee will happen.

Last night she told me she had to go while watching Super Why on PBS. I said Let's go to the potty. Then she said, "No mommy not yet." and for some reason I took her seriously. What she meant was, "I'm busy watching tv and I'll just pee here in the undies on my chair." which is exactly what she did.

I learned MY lesson and the tv gets put on pause and turned off, and we go to the bathroom right away.

I have to say, being in light to moderate pain all the time makes me far less ambitious than I normally am. I realized I'm walking differently and holding my butt too tightly. So I think that has a lot to do with the pain. I'm really waddling more than walking to compensate. Not good.

And I "barely" failed the 1-hr glucose tolerance test last week. So now I have to go tomorrow morning, after another full night of fasting, for the 3-hr test. Basically, after dinner tonight at about 8.30, I won't eat or drink anything (except the glucose drink) until about 11am tomorrow. Holy Christmas, I'm going to be shaking, and fall asleep from the lack of eating.

I'm eating more protein and less carbs than usual tonight. Honestly, I can't believe I failed it. And if I fail this one, I will absolutely cry out of sheer frustration.

Naptime has become different again. Many days, she will take her nap like usual. But there are increasing days where she's in there talking to herself or singing for over an hour. I don't allow the talking and singing but the babysitters were. So we had a chat. What's interesting is that she's tired and clearly needs a nap. But what she is really after is more time with me hugging her while she lays down and singing quiet lullabies.

I guess the regression is in part because of my pregnancy and also she is getting older so naps will eventually fade. But not now. She's not really capable of going without a nap and being normal all day. If no nap happens, she basically loses her mind about 5pm.

I've been getting really frustrated with her this week. My god she can talk endlessly. I now understand more and more what my mom went through with me. Just a couple of anxious Chatty Kathies. Whew. It's exhausting.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Got us a big-girl bed, but is my toddler a "big girl"?

The short answer is "yes". We waited, and I'm glad we did. She is as ready as she was going to be for a big bed.

We ended up having someone come to take the old double bed out and deliver the new bed, and that same night we dismantled the crib. So the entire coming and going happened in one day.

As expected, Carolina was very excited about the bed and her new sheets (pink!) and blanket (extra soft organic!) and also VERY apprehensive.

The first night I had to stay in the room with her for about 30 minutes until she calmed down enough, and stopped crying long enough, to relax and start to want to go to sleep. She cried out at about midnight and her papa went in there to rub her back for a bit. She woke up, very anxious, at 6.30 and wanted to basically jump off the bed to be with me when I walked in.

She was clearly tired, and ready for a nap at about 11.30am that morning. HOWEVER, she was still a little nervous about sleeping in the big bed by herself. So I stayed for about 10 minutes and then left to take my nap in my bedroom.

She woke up after only about an hour and 20 minutes. She was yawning about 30 minutes after she got up and was READY for sleep later that night.

All this short sleeping caught up with her as last night, we read 3 or 4 books (usually we read 2) and I stayed with her for about 10 minutes as she had a momentary panic just as I turned off the light and she realized it really was time for bed. I held her for a bit until she stopped crying, then hummed to her for about 10 minutes and she was out like a light.

She didn't wake up until a quarter to 7 this morning, and went down for her nap without problems.

I expect she will get a bit nervous just at lights-out moment again tonight but I think the worst is over.

Just like traveling, Carolina needs about 3 days to adjust and then she's good to go.

Honestly, this is a lot faster than I expected. I was going to give her a week of anxiety, but it seems that as long as we reinforce that her bed is comfortable and nice and her babies in there with her, AND remind her that she is still in her own room, she seems to be okay with it.

I had thought we'd need to start playing dolls in her room every day to get her accustomed to being in there but since it's still her room, I guess we didn't need to. And, I thought she'd mind the bed rail but she seems to actually like that it's there.

Also, I told her that the Warning information in English, French and Spanish (on the inside part of the bedrail mesh) is actually a letter to her saying that her bed is nice and the mesh is there to keep her safe. She then asked if the monsters could get in (this is a new thing). I explained like I always do, "No, we keep the front door locked so they can't get in." She then asked if I'd lock her door, and I told her, "I'll keep it closed like always and the front door locked. So they can't get in AT ALL." She seemed to like the "at all" part and always seems to believe me that if we lock the door, they can't get in.

I have no idea where the monsters coming in came from, but it seems that if I am factual about it and don't bring it up, she isn't too worried. Maybe that can change later.

All we need now is a new step stool so she can get into the bed herself. I got a shorter box spring than normal but it's still a bit high and the metal frame is too pointy to use as a step. I even tried it and it hurt my food. We're using a full diaper box now, and another mom in the neighborhood said I could have hers if I pick it up tomorrow, which I will.


PS And you know the head banging on the mattress or moaning hasn't happened since we switched to the bed. I had hoped this might happen as she did a LOT less of it when we changed her crib padding in August. She might be too nervous to bother but I'm very (fingers tightly crossed) hopeful this might be the end of it.