Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Carolina's world, Paladonia

I just heard about this world. It sounds like a socialist's dream. I didn't realize I was raising a liberal. Ha!

We walked out of the local drug store after using the automated check outs, and there were a variety of Asians walking into the store past us. 

Mommy, do Koreans shop here, too?
Yes, why? Everybody shops here. All kinds of people. 
Even Japanese?
Yes. Why?
Then why is it just in English and Spanish? Why don't they have Korean?
In the store.
Oh, when we check out?
Well, it's because everyone is supposed to speak English. 
It's the official language. So everyone is supposed to know it. 
But what if they don't? What if they get confused? Why can't they have other languages too?
That's a great question. They just don't. 
Well, in my world they do. 

Then she told me about Palladonia. How it's miniature but she's the president. How everywhere they use every language so no one is confused. And they use a slot machine style interface so you can pick your language.  How it's called Carolina as a nickname by the small people who live there. How the candy makers give extra candy to the children. How you get a toy when you go to church. There are a lot of cows, a lot of farms, and a lot of milk. There are "like 50 hundred beaches."