Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baby's been talking

Here's the latest (of what I can remember off hand):

Dak or tak oo (thanks, thank you)
Buh buh or buh eye (bye-bye with hand waving)
Papa (papa)
Mah mah (mama)
Na (Carolina, no, or no no)
Gah-pop or pop (Grandpop)
Dah or dat (that, that thing there)
Bak or Bak pak (backpack)
Boo (book)
Duh-p (diaper)
Uh-la (¡hola!)
Aw duh (All done)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Dear School Director,

I've no idea how your daffodils ended up with cream cheese on them. 


My papa is a superhero!!

Another child's mom told me that my daughter and her son were arguing over whose dad was stronger. My kid insisted that her papa was stronger "because he does exercises." (When I later asked her if the little boy's father does exercises, she first very confidently said, "No!" and when I asked if she was sure, she hesitated and then took a drink of apple juice and then said, "He doesn't do exercises.")

Eventually this back-and-forth argument escalated until she told him that her papa was very strong, like a superhero.

So, reading Superman Family Adventures and Tiny Titans comics has clearly left an impression.

My husband, the superhero :)