Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I can't see it since she refuses to get her tongue out of the way when we stick our fingers in to move her lips away, but I can feel it's sharp edge there. I think only one of the two on the bottom have FINALLY made their way through the gums. Hooray!!!!

And I am surprised at how she's still really going for things to gnaw on. I thought that might stop when the teeth came in. Maybe after they're fully in and before the next ones are ready??

And she was a super good girl today. I took her to SoHo after a marathon 2 hour nap this morning and she was great. We visited the Scholastic office for about an hour and then walked around the East Village (yes, in the cold) while she napped. She could only sleep for about 30 minutes between the rocky sidewalk motion and probably the cold. So only about a 30-40 minute nap, but one nonetheless. And no screaming when she was tired. Phew!

She really does like visiting people. I'm trying to get her in front of people as much as possible without exposing her to too many sick people at the same time.

But I totally miss living downtown. *Sigh* And I can't WAIT for the Spring so we can spend more time in Central Park, at the museums, and any place she can run around and then nap outdoors, sometimes. I'm still going to be a stickler about naps at home since she clearly rests better at home.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

First swim lesson... Success!

Today was Carolina's first swim lesson at the local Y. I hurt my neck last night so I couldn't do the lesson with her and ismael went in the pool instead. I stood by and watched. We nearly didn't go since she had been up
since 7.30am and the class was at 10.30am. Prime first nap time. But at Ismael's decision, we went. She was so content to be in the pool. Same as when we took her into the family pool in Celaya. Our little water baby enjoyed her half hour class and didn't cry or fuss on the way home even though she was clearly tired. And then slept Like a champ afterward for her first nap of the day. Awesome.

We weren't allowed to take any photos but I snapped a blurry one before I found out I wasn't allowed.

She had to wear a swim cap. It's huge on her. Basically covers her eyes if you put it on to cover all her hair (see photo). But it's required of ALL people (bald, baby, or long hair) if you swim at the YMCA. Ridiculous but true.

And as usual, she was the smallest one in the group even though she wasn't the youngest. She's a whip smart shortie. For realz ;)

we will be going to a museum soon to see how she does there.

Just 2 days ago her newest friend, Chloe Chae, was born. A very beautiful little baby with a sweet personality. We are looking forward to them meeting. Ismael, Jee and I went to see her and her parents at the hospital. It's nice to welcome another foodie to the group of friends.