Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Well, Halloween was a smashing success! Carolina went to a kid's party for about 2 hours and then they all went out trick-or-treating in the local group of houses known as 'The Gardens'. We got separated from the group of about 15 toddlers and parents shortly after we started out about 6.45pm. That was fine, as it was easier to navigate the older kids and homes without a large group.

Every house we went up to Carolina would say, clearly, "Trick or Treat!" "Tank you!" "Happy Halloween". She was very polite and all the parents seemed to enjoy giving her candy as she is very small and had on a very cute bat outfit.

A little after 7.30pm, she told me we needed to go to "Cah-lina's house" and nobody else's. I told her we were going to meet up with Papa (as he left work early to meet us outside), and then she had a meltdown. Poor kid was suddenly VERY tired. I not only forgot her sippy cup but also (didn't expect to be out this late) the chupon! Ack.

I was very glad she had taken a nearly 3 hour nap earlier today as she was able to better enjoy the evening.

So we found Papa and shortly after she was happy again. We called my parents, his parents, his grandmother and an aunt and uncle, so that Carolina could say 'Happy Halloween' to them, too.

It was actually a lot of fun to go with her, and I'm sure next year will be even better as she now has an idea of what happens. Her favorite candy this year was the lollipops. I promised she could have one when she got home, but she had pancakes instead for dinner as she was actually pretty hungry. Lollipops tomorrow, and mommy gets chocolate!!!

I'm so tired from this first trimester tiredness that we just ordered pizza. Hooray for mommy, too!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Being polite

Today, during music class, the teacher let the kids (as usual) strum the guitar strings at the close of class.

About 4 kids ran over and pushed in front of Carolina. She looked at me, looks back at them and then says, "Cuse me kids. Play geetar too?" no one moved. She lOoked at me again. I smiled and motioned to her to move in. She lOoked frustrated.

I walked closer and said quietly "If you walk around there, there's some room for you to squish in."

She did and then all the kids left to get stickers. So she had the geetar all to herself for a few minutes. Delighted!

Friday, October 14, 2011

She went in the potty!

For the first time, she asked to go potty and then actually peed!

After a big poop, it was time for her bath. So in she went, got all soapy and then suddenly looks at me and says "potty" while pointing to it. I said "do you want to go potty?" she says "yes" and tries to climb out of the tub.

I'm amazed and say, "really?" she's trying to get out with a mission.

So I grab her soaking wet and put her on the potty. She sits, smiles at me and starts to pee. She looks VERY serious about it. When she's done, she declines toilet paper but I wipe her anyway and then pop her back into the tub.

I was so proud, I was nearly moved to tears. I of course was emphatic about telling her how proud I was. Then ran out of the bathroom and called her papa. He was equally thrilled and let her know on speakerphone. She was clearly delighted we were so happy.

I'm surprised that I cared so much. Honestly, I still have my doubts this is the fast lane to potty trained but I think we're at least on the on ramp.


Potty training?

I'm not sure you can call this potty training, and I really don't care, but it's worth a post. Now that she's almost 28 months and still afraid of pooping without her diaper on, and not very interested I'm the potty, we decided to use her new Caillou doll as a guinea pig.

Since the doll has removable shorts, my husband showed Carolina that Caillou goes potty just like they do in her potty book. So she was willing to sit on the potty without pants and a diaper after Caillou. But she will only go with her papa. And doesn't actually pee.

If she has to really go, she wants her diaper on. Which, honestly, is fine.

We're just having Caillou go after breakfast and if that gets her to sit down for a minute or two, then great.

She's not telling me she has to go and usually tells me "no" when I ask if she's pooing and she VERY clearly is.

I will not change Caillou's "diaper". He's the only doll she has and loves that's definitely a big kid who uses the potty. At least I was quick enough to do that when she asked me to change his diaper too, one day.

I'm sure she'll get the hang of it. And I may mourn the passing of diapers as they are CONVENIENT on the subway and other outings.

It's funny, by the time I'm pregnant with #2, maybe she will be on her way to potty training. Or we'll have two in diapers. Whatever. Everyone poops :)

Reading us a bedtime story

Last night, Carolina decided that she needed both of us in the room at storytime.

So after I read a story, she picked one in Spanish. When I asked if papa should read it she said, "No. I do it." And proceeded to read to us in Emglish by turning the pages and saying "(some kind of babble that had a good cadence and then) Ha-old purpa cayon." because it was Harold and the Purple Crayon.

It was very exciting.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Me, Carolina

Just about last Wednesday or Tgursday, Carolina said her own name in response to the question "what's your name."

In the following days, she's embraced this identification and even is Introducing herself to kids at the park. Now, of course, she's not saying her name like we do. She says "Cah-leena", which is good enough.

This weekend she even did a Me-Tarzan-You-Jane intro to a newly-walking baby by putting her hand on her chest and said, "Cahleena", "Hi baby" and then pointing to me says, "Mommy. Mine."

It was very cute.

She's also started to tell me, "Cahleena. Pincess." I have NO idea where this is from but it cracks me up and sure, you're a princess.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tried church again, not that interested

We took Carolina to mass this morning. She was not interestedin going into the church. So while her papa went to sit inside, she and I stayed in the foyer and looked at the Virgin Mary statue while listening to the singing. After the singing was over, she said "mas!"

I explained there would be more singing after the priest was done talking, but that took too long for her. We said a few prayers to Mary and "lit" an electric candle.

Since she was flatly, and loudly, refusing to go sit inside (even though there are "new chairs. Big chairs!"), we left to go to the park.

All better.