Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Spanish sentence

In preparation for going to the park today, Carolina decided she MUST have her monkey leash and walk "Mano Mano" with me. Even though she normally is excited to ride in her stroller.

I objected since I had to bring the stroller anyway, knowing full well that she'd tire en route and want a ride. It's tricky getting her, the stroller and holding her hand all down the stairs and outvote building.

But after I said, "but you like the stroller." she cried out and then calmly asked, "Te lo pongo?" which is what ismael says to her when he is going to put something on her. I'll put it on you.

I said, "Wait. What?"

She repeated, "Te lo pongo" as if it was one word.

I was so impressed, we figured out a way she could walk with the monkey, holding my hand, while I pushed the stroller too. And lo, after half a block of walking nicely Mano-Mano, she decided riding in the stroller was better on this very hot day.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Bye bye dirty!

I must share this.

Yesterday, my husband shaved off his beard. To avoid any possible confusion or being upset from Carolina, we encouraged her to watch. She wasn't interested. I'd bring her in after he'd finish a large section. When he was mostly done, I brought her over to see. Ismael turns to look at her, she ponints to him very matter of factly and says, "doity."

"Dirty? What's dirty?"

Then points to his face again and says "Bye bye doity". And then runs off.

Awesome. The beard was dirty. Ha. Love it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Orange fish is doity

She's really beginning to pretend play. Changing her baby doll's "diaper" and "eating" what she makes in her play kitchen. 

She believes that something gross is called "ew" because that's what I say. And anything that's dirt, dirty or on the floor is "doity". "Faht" is fart and still funny. 

In fact, yesterday she told me "papa faht" right after she farted, and then giggled. 

We went to visit the local fish pond which is just a small 2 foot "pool" of water outside one of the local coop buildings. They have the best Halloween and Christmas decorations, too. Always worth a visit. So once there she tells me "oh-anj fee-sh doity".  I couldn't figure out what was dirty. Then I looked where she was pointing. At the area next to the "pond" are flowers planted in the ground. Dirt. She was telling me that the dirt is doity. True!

Monday, June 20, 2011

No bottle and a great day

So it's been two nights without a bottle and it's going well. Some protesting but as I left the bottle at my parents place by accident, I feel more confident saying Sorry it's not here. She's not a fan of milk but she's coming around to drinking it.

We had a great day. Over an hour at the park this morning, not too hot outside. A lovely nap and then a good lunch of polenta, beef and cheese. Then the afternoon at Bryant Park's carousel (4 rides @$2 a pop!) and then reading outside in the park on mini chairs and mini tables as part of NYPL's kid's Reading Room. Sponsored by Scholastic (eyes rolling), but still a very cool idea and was appreciated!!

Now I have a worn out toddler and we are both very happy. Hooray!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

No touch, doity

I hear it's the same with other 2 year olds in other states, around now they develop a Jersey/Brooklyn kind of accent on some words. Of course, it's no accent, their mouths are trying to say the new words and it comes out sounding a bit funny. Here are a few of my new favorites, with and without Jersey accent.

1. Doity (Dirty)
2. Peen-uh (Clean up)
3. Tank ooh mama (Thank you, Mama)
4. Tunna (Tunnel)
5. Toi-tul (Turtle)

And my favorite conversation from this week, so far:
C: Hahaha. Poop! (pointing to her diaper/butt)
Me: No, not poop, fart. you did a fart!
C: Poop! Poop! (extra emphasis pointing)
Me: No, it's a fart. Fart! Air comes out of the same place as poop but without the poop. It's a fart.
C: Poop. (pointing at me)
Me: Ok, sure, poop.

She's decided that the potty isn't scary and tries it out 1-2 times a day. Sometimes with all her clothes on and sometimes with clothes and diaper off. She might sit for a few seconds or a few minutes while reading. Who can say? It hasn't involved actual pee or poop in the potty yet but she's making progress. At least her baby dolls know that's where you have to go as she puts one of them on there and tells it to "poop!"

Final thoughts of the day:
In summation of the last few months of looking in the 3 favorite boroughs and NJ: If the homes (apartments or houses) are cheap, the schools are bad. If the home is near public transportation, the schools are bad. If there's little to no public transportation, the schools are excellent. If you're in NJ and your commute time to Manhattan is less than an hour, the schools are middling to bad.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Poop? No.

This is an actual excerpt from a conversation this morning.

(Carolina & Ismael in the kitchen eating breakfast, I walk in from the other room just started vacuuming.)

Me: Whoa, it smells like poop in here!
Is: I don't smell anything
Me: When she's done eating, I'll change her.
(She then stopped eating and came into the living room. I smelled her butt.)
Me: Whoa! Yup, that's a big one!
(Change her and yes, it was a mess)
Is: I really didn't smell anything. I guess since I was in the room with her when she... well, she did take the "poop position" in the other room just before I brought her into the kitchen to eat. Maybe she did it then?
Me: That must have been why it was everywhere.
Is: Well, I asked her if she pooped and she said "No".
Me: Hahaha, she's two! She says "no" to a lot of things.

Lesson for my husband: When a two year old tells you "no" after you asked her if she's pooped, check the butt anyway.


2nd year checkup

34" /86cm (43 percentile)
22lbs 6oz /10.1 kg (4 percentile)

She's a bit taller than usual but her weight is steady and on the same track she's been since she was born.

Got a shot and blood taken. THAT was fun, and she still has the bruise from where she tried to pull her arm away while the needle went in. Except for that screaming/crying at the end, she did very well.